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Swing Out!


Welcome to The Lindy Lab, purveyors of vintage swing dancing in the Raleigh/Durham Triangle area. We are thrilled to welcome you to the dance floor!

The Lindy Lab hosts swing dances and classes at Triangle Dance Studio on Miami Boulevard in Durham, close to Research Triangle Park. We aim to create a warm, welcoming, and inspiring environment for all dancers. Whatever your background and whatever your dance aspirations, we are here to help you rock them out.

We believe that everyone can dance and has a unique voice to share with the dance community. Our goal is to help you find that voice and have a great time on the dance floor.

At The Lindy Lab, we take the sometimes surprising view that in order to learn swing dancing, you have to actually get on the floor.  So we hold our classes and our dances in the same location to make that transition easier.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get your start by attending one (or better yet, several) of our awesome weekly swing dance nights, and get you feet wet with some basic moves and a whole bunch of super friendly people.  Once you’re excited about swing dancing, we recommend moving on to any number of our exceptional classes.

You’ll find the dance floor a welcoming place and the people happy to meet you.  And if you’re intimidated asking people to dance, just grab a seat at our “Ask Me To Dance” table and someone will be there shortly to whisk you onto the dance floor. :)

Dances this Month

Dancing starts at 8, beginner lessons are on hiatus unless otherwise indicated

Thursday Night 5/7
DJ Kirk E
NO BEGINNER LESSON: Organizer's Meeting to precede the dance, dancing starts at 8:30

Thursday Night 5/14
RDU Rent Party featuring Chelsea Reed & The Fair Weather Five
Beginner Lesson at 7, Dancing starts at 8

Thursday Night 5/21
DJ Adam Speen

Thursday Night 5/28
DJ's Moriah Wood & Laura Windley