All swing dance classes are offered on a drop-in basis so you are only charged for the lessons you show up to.  You can pay on a nightly drop-in basis or we offer discounted package deals.  All of this information can be found on our pricing page.

August 2014 Classes

Mondays (August 4, 11, 18, & 25) with Jason & Tiffany

Intermediate Balboa, Fast like Lightning, Smooth like Butter 7:00-8:00

For the experienced Bal-Swing dancer looking to improve on social leadability.  This class will focus on taking your Balboa into the 250+ range without losing the awesome floaty feelings that make the dance a joy to do.  And not just a class on how to go faster, we will also look at how to modify moves for speed or select out moves that are not as servicable as the tempo speeds up.  This is a class likely to bring on the sweat, so we suggest you consider bringing a towel and/or change of shirts.

Beginner Balboa 8:00-9:00

Pick up the basics of this oh-so-fast, and oh-so-delicious dancer’s dance.  The Balboa is one of the lesser known swing dances but has a dedicated following both at The Lindy Lab and in the international swing scene.  It is characterized by a close connection, tighter footwork, and a tendency towards rotation.  Want a little taste of what you’ll be in for?  Check out this excellent video from a couple of our friends in the Nashville swing dance scene.


No Tuesday  classes this month.  However, several of our instructors are available for private lessons all month after 6:30PM.  Email us at to schedule a private lesson.

Wednesdays (August 6, 13, 20, & 27) with Kristy & Jason

EXTREME!!! DJ MAKEOVER with Kristy Milliken 7:00-8:00

This class is for the aspiring, current, or maybe-wanna-be-later Swing DJ.  Kristy Milliken will lead you on a delightful romp through topics like How to Build a Collection without Piracy, Which Strings to Pull to Make the Monkeys Dance, and What Color is your DJ Software? (since they are all made for DJing at Da Club anyways), and Intro to Advanced Rolling Your Face on the Keyboard, or IARYFK, (aka Song Selection).  This class will take you from Zero to DJ Hero.  If you are currently or plan to DJ at The Lindy Lab, you can also take this class at no charge and use future DJ earnings to cover your tuition.

Save Your Joints, Dance Forever! with Jason Sager 8:00-9:00

Most dancers are harder on their bodies (and their partners’ bodies) than they realize.  The joys of an amateur dance career can be brought up short by injuries due to a lack of training or conditioning, and that’s something nobody wants.  To that end, this class will help you find new ways to keep your body healthy and happy and dancing long into old age.  Certified Rolfer, Jason Sager, will teach you not just about how to move your own body better on and off the floor, but also how to connect in safer ways that not only serve your health but add dynamic possibility to your dancing.

Thursdays (August 7, 14, 21, & 28) with Jason & Skyler

Lindy 1 (Charleston to Lindy) - 6:30-7:30

This class will start with examining Lindy’s roots in Charleston.  We begin with several variations on 8-count footwork and building the framework that allows you to start creating your own variations in Lindy.  This is also a great class for building speedy footwork and starting to dance at faster Lindy tempos.  We are also field-testing a flipped classroom model for this, meaning we will give you video of the week’s lesson ahead of time, so you will be able to see the new material and play with it before you show up to class.  If you are interesting in this class, you will find the video for week one at

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The Lindy Lab teaches from a unique “movement based” approach to swing dancing. Rather than focusing on learning moves, we aim to teach you first about the components that make those moves. By learning a few simple building blocks, you can learn a variety of dance concepts faster while also developing the ability to create your own moves and personal style. We feel that most people get into swing dancing for reasons of fun and we make sure that our classes help you to continue growing your skills without losing that fun aspect.