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All swing dance classes are offered on a drop-in basis so you are only charged for the lessons you show up to.  You can pay on a nightly drop-in basis or we offer discounted package deals.  All of this information can be found on our pricing page.

January-March 2015 Classes

January 2015

Mondays (Jan 5, 12, 19, & 26) with Adam & Abigail

Intermediate Balboa 7:00-8:00

The subject for the January series is Successful Styling in Bal-Swing, but if you’re at an intermediate level in Balboa then you probably already know that Adam and Abigail are folks you want to be taking from and whatever they bring, it’ll be fully of Bal-y goodness.

Classic Lindy Moves (Beginner) 8:10-9:10

Bring back some Frankie favorites and other classic swing moves, this class will give you a great grounding in some of the vernacular steps of the early swing dancers.  While swing is a strongly improvisational dance, there are also some steps with classic shapes and timing that it just helps to know what’s going on.  And of course knowing is half the battle, so once you’ve learned a step, you’re free to improvise off of it like all those Minnie Dip variations you see on the floor. :)  This class is accessible to dancers of any level including complete beginners.

Tuesdays (Jan 6, 13, 20, & 27) with Skyler & Tiffany

UPDATED: In the interest of Lead/Follow balance, the Lindy and Charleston classes for January have been combined into a single 90 minute class starting at 7:30. All topics below will be covered.

Lindy 1 (Charleston to Lindy) – 7:00-8:00

This class will start with examining Lindy’s roots in Charleston.  We begin with several variations on 8-count footwork and building the framework that allows you to start creating your own variations in Lindy.  This is also a great class for building speedy footwork and starting to dance at faster Lindy tempos.  We are also field-testing a flipped classroom model for this, meaning we will give you video of the week’s lesson ahead of time, so you will be able to see the new material and play with it before you show up to class.  If you are interesting in this class, you will find the video for week one at

Charleston 1 (Side by Side & 20’s) – 8:10-9:10

The dance that started in the roaring 20’s, the Charleston is the granddaddy of all swing dancing and is still danced all over the world.  Characterized by a strong bounce and lots of kicking steps, this dance is not just a great workout, but a strong foundation for getting into faster dancing.  It’s also completely beginner accessible, after all people were dancing the Charleston long before anyone ever danced a swing step.


Mondays (Feb 2, 9, 16, & 23) with Adam & Abigail

Advanced Pure Balboa 7:00-8:00

An entire 4 week series focusing on the musicality and versatility of closed position balboa dancing. We will focus on individual musicality as well as partnered variations broken down into the most fundamental balboa move which we like to call stepping.

Beginner Pure Balboa 8:10-9:10

Balboa is a dance that originated in Southern California in the 1930s. The original dance came in the form of a closed position dance where you could dance to hot jazz music but still be close to your partner. The footwork alone should be enticing enough to pique your interest but the hugs are nice too. Balboa hugs are the best!

Tuesdays (Feb 3, 10, 17, & 24) with Skyler & Tiffany

UPDATED: By popular request of the January class, the Lindy and Charleston classes for February have been combined into a single 90 minute class starting at 7:30. All topics below will be covered.

Lindy 2 (Passes, Turns, and Mixing Rhythms) – 7:00-8:00

This class will focus on taking your Charleston based Lindy from Lindy 1 and mixing it into a wider variety of rhythms and shapes.  Adding 6 count dancing into the mix as well as more passing based turns and learning how to effectively mix 6 and 8 (and other) count movements.  This forms the basis for a lot of what you will see the experienced dancers doing, that is to say, a few simple shapes and movements that can be spun into an infinite variety of options.

Charleston 2 (Tandem) – 8:10-9:10

Focusing more on the 30’s and 40’s styles of Charleston that developed around the swing era. More kicks, more moves, more style, and an introduction to the often misunderstood, but awesome when done well, Tandem or front to back Charleston.

Wednesdays (Feb 4, 11, 18, & 25) with Abigail.

Follower’s Styling – 7:45-8:45

This Follow-uary, Abigail Browning is teaching a month-long “Secrets of Following” class open to anyone who wants to take their following to the next level.  Spend a month focusing on your own personality and creativity as a follower!  Swivels, turn technique, balance, footwork styling, and musicality will all be in the mix!  Lindy Hop secrets will be revealed; don’t miss out. All genders welcome, no partners needed.


Mondays (Mar 2, 9, 16, & 23) with Adam & Abigail

Advanced So-Cal Swing Patterns 7:00-8:00

Although part of the Balboa vernacular we will take a specific look at some patterns which came out of Southern California which embodied the energy and passion displayed by the dancers there. The Venice Beach Clip is a good place to go to see some of this style on display.

Beginning Bal-Swing 8:10-9:10

Once the swing craze hit Southern California it transformed all types of dancing and Balboa was no exception. Dancers utilized the close connection of Pure Balboa and transformed many of the swing patterns to be more angular and dynamic in its partner connection. Bal Swing is an exciting gateway to learning excellent turning technique and partner connection principles in Swing.

Tuesdays (Mar 3, 10, 17, & 24) with Skyler & Tiffany

Lindy 3 (Turns, Styling, and Speed) – 7:00-8:00

Building from Beginner into Intermediate levels of Lindy, this class expects that you are already comfortable (or on your way to comfortable) in your swingout and have a few turns and such under your belt.  We will work on adding turns and building the top speed at which you can swingout so that the moderate tempos begin to easier and allowing more time to think, breathe, and add to the swingout.  With this added space in the swingout, we’ll also talk more about how to add to what you’ve been doing and develop a style that fits the needs of your body and personal aesthetic as well as adapting to look and feel good as a partnership.

Shim Sham and Jazz Steps – 8:10-9:10

Have you felt left out when “Tain’t What You Do” or “Tuxedo Junction” come on and you’re left watching the action as a horde of dancers runs solo choreography? Do you wish you could jump into Charleston jam circles with the cool kids? Then wish no long, because this class will get you hep to that jive! Learn both the swing version of the classic tap routine, the Shim Sham and pad that out with a variety of solo jazz moves to enhance your style as well as build new ideas into your swing repertoire.

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The Lindy Lab teaches from a unique “movement based” approach to swing dancing. Rather than focusing on learning moves, we aim to teach you first about the components that make those moves. By learning a few simple building blocks, you can learn a variety of dance concepts faster while also developing the ability to create your own moves and personal style. We feel that most people get into swing dancing for reasons of fun and we make sure that our classes help you to continue growing your skills without losing that fun aspect.

Dances this Month

TONIGHT'S THURSDAY DANCE 2/26 has been CANCELED due to the inclement weather

Beginner lesson at 7:30, and dancing starts at 8:30

Thursday Night 2/5
DJ Jason Sager

Thursday Night 2/12
RDU Rent Party featuring The Resonant Rogues
Lesson at 7, Dancing at 8

Thursday Night 2/19

Thursday Night 2/26