All swing dance classes are offered on a drop-in basis so you are only charged for the lessons you show up to.  You can pay on a nightly drop-in basis or we offer discounted package deals.  All of this information can be found on our pricing page.

April 2014 Classes

Mondays (Apr 7, 14, 21, & 28) with Adam & Aba

Balboa Slides, Shuffles and Shines 7:00-8:30

This series will focus on the common sliding movements used in Pure Balboa and Bal Swing. We will incorporate interesting footwork styling including V-slides and circle slides as well as tackle some complex Bal Swing patterns that will make your dancing shine.

Tuesdays (Apr 8 & 15) with Jason

Shim Sham 7:00-8:30

Note: This class will be $30 for the 2 weeks or $20 per night drop-in

The Shim Sham is a classic solo jazz routine in the swing world, modified from a class tap dance routine.  It’s a great way to build some repertoire in the fancy footwork department and to not be stuck on the sidelines when T’aint What You Do or Tuxedo Junction are played.  One of the classes in the upcoming Frankie 100 NC celebration will also be on how to fancy up your shim sham, so you’ll want to learn it before then in order to have something to fancy up!  Below, you can see a video of the man himself, Frankie Manning, doing the Shim Sham.

Wednesdays (Apr 9, 16, & 30) with Jason & Lindsay & Laura

Intro Series: All The Swings (or at least the current big 3) 7:00-9:00

Note: This series will be taught on a drop-in basis, $20 per class or $50 for all three

This class series is designed to help you get your feet wet in Charleston, Balboa, and Lindy and get a feel for classes you’d like to try more of in May.  Each night will be a 2-hour into to one of the major swing dances and the overall series will help you get a feel for both what is different but also how much is ultimately the same between these dances.  So rather than just learning 3 separate dances, you will get a solid foundation in what makes swing swing and develop the tools to do awesome things and move seamlessly between styles.  Please note that there will also be a break the week of April 23 as Jason will be out of town at The Experiment.

Apr 9 – Charleston with Jason & Lindsay
Apr 16 – Pure Bal with Jason & Laura
Apr 23 – No Class, Go Dance at Humble Pie
Apr 30 – Lindy Hop with Jason & Lindsay

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The Lindy Lab teaches from a unique “movement based” approach to swing dancing. Rather than focusing on learning moves, we aim to teach you first about the components that make those moves. By learning a few simple building blocks, you can learn a variety of dance concepts faster while also developing the ability to create your own moves and personal style. We feel that most people get into swing dancing for reasons of fun and we make sure that our classes help you to continue growing your skills without losing that fun aspect.